Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Teacher Can Be a Peacemaker

Dear teacher,
Peace is the key to vitality in any school community
Where there is the potential for conflicts and hostility
Detecting dormant volcanoes is an urgent necessity
Alas, schools can't afford experts. What a bitter reality!
Thank God you are there! You are a precious commodity

Dear teacher,
A person in your position is gifted with true intuition
You are adept at dealing with colleague sand children
You have a talent for social interactions and persuasion
And classroom management is your forte and inclination
Never doubt your flair for conflict resolution and prevention

Dear teacher,
Be an example of duty and common goal devotion
Be a model of self-control and emotional regulation
Manage your clashing interests through negotiation
Assess options to reach mutually suitable solutions
Build co-operative and supportive working relations

Dear teacher,
Another positive problem solving strategy is mediation
Have disputing parties talk and exchange information
Let them reflect on what they feel about the situation
Forget about blame; invite them to think of a solution
Remember, parents make kids; you make generations

© Chaouki M’kaddem
June 10th, 2014

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