Saturday, August 10, 2013

Be An Interactive Teacher!

Dear teacher,

It's the early twenty-first century
Time to check your teaching inventory
So as to adapt a rich variety
Of classroom roles to share the territory
With learners and afford them mastery
Of their own learning and discovery

Dear teacher,
Say adieu to autocracy and welcome democracy
Overwhelm learners with much interest and courtesy
Create classroom dynamics with great efficiency
And perform an array of roles with high proficiency
To empower learners to achieve the intended competency
And use the target language with accuracy and fluency

Dear teacher,
Get rid of the way you were taught
To get off to a flying start
Facilitate learning and avoid learning by heart
No more prevailing instructions, use directions instead
Make your guidance and assistance a work of art
And make the learning on students' part

Dear teacher,
We live in the information technology age
Time to be a tech-savvy to update your page
And time for learners to take the stage
Forget about being the only source of knowledge
And create productive learning environments to engage
Learners to develop skills needed in the workplace

© Chaouki Mkaddem
June 13th, 2013

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